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Mary Butler resonates Truth and Light opening doors of opportunity for others. It has been a life time mission as she worked as a public school educator and spiritual confidant. Providing support, creative solutions, and nourishing ideas, are just some of the ways she assists people to obtain balance in their everyday routines. As a mother of four, business woman, cancer survivor and student of the The Ascended Masters, she has a wealth of information to share. You can experience the flame of her gifts during her Hyper Physics sessions which calm the body and encourage it to release blocks preventing integration with the Light. Or, you can enjoy sound and vibration integration to focus on your intentions. Mary has a M.Ed, and is a Certified Counselor, Diagnostician and Hyper Physics Practitioner. Her most popular session is chakra alignment and opening pathways for the divine mission of the soul.
About The Light Chalice
A chalice is a holder of light. At the Light Chalice, we invoke the light from ascended master realms and send it forth for the victory of all mankind and the earth's ascension.

The Light Chalice is a three room sanctuary providing massage, energy work, balance and counseling. Mary, Samantha and Denise use the space for healing sessions with clients. Various groups meet to set intentions for success through interactive drumming, crystal bowl meditations, readings, energy exchange, toning and chanting.
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The Light Chalice
12701 Research Blvd., Suite 311
Austin Texas 78759
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"Helping the people that God wants me to work with."

Mary Butler, M.Ed.
Life Coach
Certified Counselor
"Some people can really see a channel of Light in our Chalice Garden. It's an energized and empowered place for special events and group activities. Mary has cultivated this garden in the heart of North Austin for more than 9 years. Use the fruits of her labor and alignment for your better place." - Samantha